COVER TEXTILE ,established in 1998 ,is the best manufactory for spandex chair covers(lycra chair covers) and spandex table covers (lycra table covers) in China. at the same time We are also the first factory that produces spandex chair covers and table covers in China.

1. Our spandex chair cover and spandex table cover are quite differ -ent from other manufacturers in China . each of them are sewn by fine workmanship and have reinforced bottom .so that they will not be broken.when you stretch their bottom fully and hardly.

2. Another highlight is that our foot-pockets, we have different foot pocket for your choice ,our patent reinforced foot pockets allow our spandex chair cover and spandex table cover used directly in con-crete and rough ground.

3. 60% of our spandex linen are exported to Europe and Australia. both of these two markets request top quality linens .that can show high good the quality of our linens are.

that is why COVER TEXTILE’s spandex chair cover & spandex table cover are generally acknowledged as the best in China by our loyal cliets.

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Arc Banquet Lycra Chair Cover
SPC 001
Banquet Lycra Chair Cover
SPC 002
Bistro Lycra Chair Cover
SPC 003
Silver Coated Chair Cover
SPC 004
Gold Coated Chair Cover
SPC 005
Ruffle Lycra Chair Cover
SPC 006